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Three Ways to Find Freedom in your Digital Day Challenge

Defeat Distractions, Connect with Purpose

Join thousands of other working professionals for 3 days of connection in the digital day.

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Feeling overwhelmed lately?

You are not alone. 

Thousands of other Americans are feeling the affects of the constant stream of information, worry, and tension that comes from the hybrid world we live in.

If you are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, and you are seeking help in how to find more margin in your day, don't miss this event.

After this challenge, you will be able to...

Practically take care of your overall mental and physical health in the midst of the overwhelm.

Use a proven method to turn down the noise in your mind that is creating the sense of overwhelm.

Create space to impact your intent, modify your mood, and transform your trajectory for the day.

Day #1

The H.A.L.T Method

Day #2: 

Turn Down Techniques

Day #3

Start Your Day with Sacred Space


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Imagine if the overwhelm you are experiencing didn't take up as much brain-space.

What if you could have a renewed sense of connection with the things that bring you joy?

You can have more margin in your day for your health and wellness.

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Meet Mark Ostach

Author of Courage to Connect

I help people find the courage to connect —both online and offline. My goal is to restore energy and bring digital wellness to organizations battling a growing sense of disconnection.


Are you looking to become more digitally fit? Finding freedom in your digital day will help you consume better digital calories while creating downtime in your day to connect with things that bring you a better sense of peace (or meaning).

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